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I signed up.

2008-05-14 01:36:01 by fag-clock

Yes, little old me, signed up at I'm not loving their rules, it seems too me that they have lost their way, too much organization, too little flash production. Well, in a week I can find out what the "elders" think of my work. Until then I will continue to make flash movies, since some people like it.

I signed up.


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2008-05-14 15:49:20

I'm sure they'll like it, but then again maybe not, but then again...maybe...


2008-05-15 01:19:06

btw what's the name your using until they clock you?

fag-clock responds:

I signed up with the screen name f-c.


2008-06-03 21:26:03

When am I gonna here from you? I always love seeing parenthesis with a 1 between them on my inbox.


2008-06-06 04:27:34

Dear Fag Clock,
I enjoy your flash art work. It is amusing.

Dear Casey Fletcher,
Fuck off.