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Entry #1


2008-04-30 22:03:23 by fag-clock

Shit coming from the clock crew!


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2008-05-03 02:54:00

In the Navy...
fag-clock, you is teh shiz! You is mai favourite person on NewGrounds! Yay!

fag-clock responds:

Thank you.


2008-05-03 08:53:31

darknessdweller wuz here.

fag-clock responds:

I'm a sexy boy, a sexy boy indeed.


2008-05-13 23:34:46

Ha! All you haters are real assholes because you are not gay at all. I mean, I am not gay at all, but I admire fag-clock, he is my role-model and he has my children! They also enjoy big fat cock and may be appearing in an upcoming film with me and fag-clock. Well, love ya f-c! You rule!